Grilled Cheese $8.50

served with fries or tots

Ms. Pac Man cheddar, apple, peach jam, pretzels

Mario pepperoni, mozzarella, marinara

Galaga tomato, mozzarella, pesto, chili flakes

Cartman ham, cheddar, cheesy pooofs

Earthshaker Italian field roast, brie, tomato, arugula

Addams Family kalamata olive spread, feta, tomato, arugula

Medieval Madness bleu cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, apples

Contra chicken, bleu cheese, hot wing sauce, pickled celery

Pong classic American cheese $5.50 add bacon $2

Wings $9

Area 51 classic hot wings, celery, bleu cheese dressing

Boy Howdy beer BBQ wings, celery, ranch dressing

Chun Li hoisin glazed wings, chow mein noodles, sesame seeds, scallions


Fries or Tots served with house fry sauce $5.50

Ryu Fries topped with teriyaki chicken, spicy mayo, scallions $7.50

The Great Cornholio corn meal cake topped with grilled hot dog, cheddar, $7.50 mozzarella, pickled jalapeno, spicy mayo

Beer Battered Corn Dog $6.50

Beer Battered Field Roast Dog $7.50

Arugula Salad feta, apples, tortilla strips, citrus vinaigrette $6.50

Sweet Sammies $6.50

Crossfire nutella, marshmallow, graham cracker

Princess Peach brie, peach jam, basil, honey

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All prices include sales tax of 10.1%